ALISIO plafón ventilador 22/5/2019

Alisio is a new proposal by Mantra , entering the ventilation sector for the first time , aiming to contribute with a bonus of originality and freshness in its design. An avant-garde and decorative design that given its dimension , does not hinder the vision of the room when installed, with a safe and easy moorings to ceiling. Its minimalistic style is able to embrace its various functions, refreshing,ventilating,warming up and effectively illuminating any room. Ideal for bedrooms and resting estances due to the lighting possibilities as well as its silent DC engine, able to fresh up the air in summer and with its “inverter” function (in rear position), which allows to pick warm air and distribute it homogeneously in Winter. Furthermore, through its different intensities and speeds, it can be installed in bigger estances,such as living or dining-rooms,kitchens or play areas.Thanks to its compact configuration and design ,it offers a safety bonus , hiding its transparent blades in an aesthetic and discreet way, so avoiding any potential danger. Dimmable, with the possibility to change color and temperature and with different speeds in its DC engine , all of it controlled through its remote control(included) or with the possibilty to handle it through your mobile phone app via bluetooth. In short, ALISIO gathers the best of both the ventilation and lighting fields in an efficient and aesthetic reality.

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