Vídeo Corporativo Colección Estalacta 13/08/2012

An innovative and exceptional collection…inspired by smooth organic curves and especially alluring natural shapes. In this case, based on the geological forms of stalactites and stalagmites. Jose Ignacio Ballester pre¬sented this collection comprised by lighting elements which are combined to form separate environments, beacons or simple original lighting, which by means of the LED light of its lamp holder, easily replaceable GU10 system, perfectly light up the silhouette of all its forms from top to bottom, where the client has the option to select warm or cold light. Manufactured in white polyethylene by a rotary moulding procedure, the lamps’ watertight assembly system and unchangea¬ble aluminium bases make them suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Ideal for direct ambient li-ghting inside the house, decorative lighting elements in hotel-restaurant projects, and why not, unique ligh¬ting options for chill-out terraces or outdoor garden layouts.

Language Español